Have You Heard About This

Have You Heard About This
Bringing you tidbits that might help you in your daily life.

Of course the first post has to be about the site Have You Heard About This; it is afterall the purpose of the site, which is, to tell you about things you may have never heard of. The site will feature on various topics that interest me and that hopefully interest you.

Be aware that I will use affiliate links to help provide resources to continue to produce content. I am hoping to produce at least one article a day to keep you interested in visiting the site. My interests in what’s being produced and what services are interesting will be a joy to share with you.

As the site grows I will be able to produce content on YouTube to enhance the user experience. I will most likely be using AI to create the videos from the content I write and will probably not be showing my face as I’m camera shy but that is something I can work on as my content gets better.

I will read comments and possibly talk about things that you suggest. So please feel free to leave a comment of things you find interesting to discuss. You can only comment if you register on the site so please feel free to do so. Registering for an account also allows me to send you an occasional email concerning your account.

So get to it, Join Us Now or Log In so you can participate.

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